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The Chrome is not Okay

There is something kooky with Chrome. I was making changes to my website’s design and editing CSS all day. When it came to “go live”, I uploaded my changes to my server, opened Chrome on my laptop and connected to the website. Lo and behold, the “hr” borders were there but they were all wonky. The color scheme was still the same as before I changed it. I opened the site on my phone (LG G5, running Chrome), same problem. I opened the site again on my laptop, this time using Microsoft Edge. It showed up like it was supposed to, dashed borders, background color changes and all. It seemed my changes only manifested on other browsers. When I inspected the elements in Chrome’s Dev Tools, the CSS window keeps showing “user-agent-stylesheet” with selector settings I don’t even remember making. I dug around the googleverse and discovered that Chrome has a habit of doing this and there seems to be no way to deactivate it (at least within my range of ability). I tried to edit my CSS hoping to figure a workaround to the issue, no dice. I temporarily gave up on it for a bit and continued to work on my website and started noticing that NONE of my new CSS changes were getting through to Chrome at all. Another search in the googleverse using different keywords this time pointed me to stackoverflow and I found this (click here).  TL:DR I needed to change the name of the CSS file from style.css to something else (stylesheet.css in this case). Reloaded the website and BOOP! Everything is now working like it should in Chrome. I’m suspecting that Chrome updated something and caused it to start doing this. Anyhoo, back to work I go.

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