Looking Closer, Seeing Further

I am finally done with school for 2017 and looking forward to the year ahead. There are a lot of changes going on here, in life, and at work. Also, a few months ago, I enrolled in a photography class and had a blast. Our instructor took us around Seattle to photograph popular landmarks and taught us some techniques to get the hang of finally using the manual mode on our fancy DSLRs. This one is a close-up shot of one of the barnacle laden rocks up in Discovery Park by the light house.

Our first lesson was done at the Seattle Arboretum. A week later, we were at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Week 3 was at the Seattle Public Library, and the last session was in Discovery Park. Not only did I learn a lot of tips with finding my “photographic voice”, I also felt more justified for burning through thousands of dollars buying photography equipment. I had so much fun practicing, figuring settings out on my camera, and learning the rudiments of composition. The public library was a treasure trove of lines and geometric patterns for abstract images. Discovery Park is an interesting place especially with the old military buildings. Also, it’s a great place to just sit by the water and watch the waves. There was a bit more walking than I expected that day and in hindsight, I should’ve worn comfier shoes but I still had a good time.

I’m looking forward to displaying my photos here as well as physically at home. I’m also excited to do more shoots around Seattle especially downtown. Maybe doing some people photography can help me out of my shell.

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