Erin Condren Planner Update

So it has been 4 weeks since I started using my Erin Condren Life Planner and so far things have been going well. I have been trying out a few things to help me organize my thoughts: stickers, stamps, stamped stickers. I even tried to create My own stickers with sticker sheets and my Silhouette machine. Everything is still a work in progress but so far, I’m starting to fall into a sort of pattern.

I used stamps from StudioL2E that I have had for a while now, some washi strips (hydration tracker) from the Studio Calico Planner Kits, and sticker printables from Etsy that I printed on sticker paper and cut out with scissors after conceding to the fact that the Pixscan feature from Silhouette Studio was not going to be a viable idea. I also tried to decorate with sticky notes and washi tape but eventually preferred a cleaner looking planner.

So far it’s helping me not feel so overwhelmed with the prospect of weekly schoolwork on top of work schedules and enjoying my days off with family. The glittery blue notebook I’m using as a “brain dump” where I write everything I need to eventually note in my planner or for future reference. It’s a bit more portable so I can carry it with me everywhere and then migrate certain things to my planner when I get home without having to carry the ECLP around all the time.

I’m still working on eventually making my own planner stickers with my Silhouette machine. I have the whole cut settings figured out for my machine at this point. I just need to figure out the print and cut part. Will post updates as they happen.