Wherever You Go, There You Are

I’m borrowing an adage from one of the books I’m reading to learn about HTML. One of the exercises is to create a location app that displays a map on your web page. I’ve uploaded the “app” on my website so you can play with it as well.

The “Watch me” button turns on the geolocation app and “follows” you around while the “Clear watch” button stops it. Try it out on your phone, go outside, walk around town and see how it works!

Click here to play with the app.

It may ask for permission to access your location. If it won’t work or it isn’t supported, there’s a corresponding error message that will show on the page. If you allow it to access your location, it will also show how accurate it is (within a radius of a few meters).

Added bonus: It shows you where the “WickedlySmart HQ” is (or rather, how far away you are from it. I did a search on Google Maps with the coordinates and it turns out, it’s an intersection somewhere in Bainbridge Island.

One of these days, I might go find it myself and check it out.

Update: the app will now drop a pin along your route every 20 meters.