Happy Nappy Headed Baby

The challenge this month over at Scrap your Stash is Washi. This page was made for the challenge using Washi (of course), Arrows, Silver alphabets, Hearts, and Ink splatters.


Another sweet and funny photo of my nephew that I took on my last visit home. He had just woken up from a nap and everybody else in the house was bored so we decided to entertain ourselves and he was happy to oblige.


I used the sketch from this week’s Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico as well as some items and paper from my monthly kit subscriptions.

You’re the SHE to my NANIGANS

My niece is quite the bundle of personality. She reminds me of everything I love about childhood. Case in point, this:


There’s a story to this business proposal. She had this toy that would squeak and would then light up her face with such delight that everybody in the household found the whole situation precious. She also had this writing tablet toy where she would learn to spell and write. I suppose, she was trying to drum up some spending money to go on the kiddie rides at the mall. And since lemonade is not as popular (or available) in the Philippines as it is in the US, she decided to ask her dad to send me this photo.

Years later, I found it among my files and printed it out. Whenever my mom and I catch up on skype, I would show her this and we would have a good laugh.

This photo is one of the special ones in my collection. It never fails to elicit a chuckle whenever I see it.I wanted to make a special page just for it and since the challenge over at Scrapbook Circle is to use stencils, I thought of the perfect accent for the page with the January kit’s exclusive stencil.

It took a few tries of a few ideas to finally arrive at this:


Here’s what I used:


I took the photo of my supplies while waiting for the gel to dry. So, basically, what I did was use the stencil and apply gel to the paper, remove the stencil, and sprinkle the glitter one color at a time. I started with carnelian at the very bottom, then orange… and so on all the way to the top . I learned this trick from one of the videos by Jennifer McGuire in her Online Card Classes site from years back. I then cut the accent to “stretch” it behind the photo and make it look like a banner.

Detail shots:

IMG_0260 IMG_0261IMG_0262

I used Sketch # 138 from Sketches in Thyme and the idea of cutting project life cards from Studio Calico’s blog. The “Remember You Are Loved” accent on the lower left cluster is from a journaling card collection pack I use on my PL pages. There are also two 4×6 cards that I cut in half and “stretched” behind the photo. I also added some cards (gray floral card, and journal area) cut from a cut-apart sheet from Studio Tekturek (which, I have to say, has the most amazing shade of lime green I have ever seen).

Finally, of course, since I played with glitter, I will now have to clean up my work area diligently or else I will be living with random granules of glitter in the weeks ahead.

Week 2 and 3 Project Life

If there is one thing I’m starting to appreciate about doing Project Life, it’s enabled me to use up the little bits and pieces I have collected from scrapbooking. The small scraps and odds and ends are perfect for embellishing my PL cards.

IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241

I’ve also started using my stamps more, especially the smaller designs and the date stamp that I got as part of my Smash book haul from years ago. I’m trying my best to take at least 1 photo everyday of a sort of highlight of my day or some random interesting shot of my environment or whatever activity I am doing. If all else fails, I have a go to list of photo ideas such as what I’m wearing, or the view outside a window or what I’m eating.

So far, I’m still collecting my photos for the year and will be ordering my photos soon. I note dates and photos on my pages with post it notes so I can figure out journaling and embellishments. I also record what photos go on which dates in my planner and use this as a guide of whether I have taken a photo for the day or not. Once I have my photos printed and inserted into the page protectors then I can do some final embellishment and finish them.

TWINE and a Sketch

Nothing like a challenge to get the creative juices flowing. I used the sketch #137 from Sketches in Thyme and did the TWINE challenge from Scrap Our Stash.


White background/ cardstock

Ink splatters

Note cards

Enamel dots



I used some leftover wrapping tissue for the background, mod podged it to the white cardboard, added some ink splatters from Dylusions (Bubblegum Pink), some notecards from my stash, and a few enamel dots for a bit of glitz.

I’m still trying to work on my “monochrome” scrapbooking and for some reason I keep gravitating toward pink. It seems to just fit so well with black/white. Plus where this particular photo’s subject is concerned, pink is the ONLY color.

Highlights from 2014

If other people saw my life last year through their eyes they would probably think it was pretty boring. For me, however, there were so many interesting things that happened. I rode the Great Wheel and almost had a panic attack because it was so high. In the same vein, I went to an indoor rock climbing class for the first time and not only did I climb the Pinnacle at REI, I went all the way to the top and rang the bell. I grew my own strawberries for the first time last year. Although they were a bit puny, I was excited and proud. There were also the almost daily antics from our cat in her constant demand for attention. She would climb onto the computer table and pretend to be the keyboard, or onto my craft table and pretend to be a scrapbook page.


My family from the Philippines would also send me photographs of my niece and nephew for me to put on my scrapbook pages. There’s photos of my niece earning yet another medal from yet another school contest, or of my nephew trying to take a ride on his Tonka truck, or of the both of them sharing a cookie.

There were also some challenging and frustrating moments that I wish never happened but someday I know that when I look back I will be thankful for what I have learned because of those moments. They may not always make it to my scrapbook pages but they will still be remembered.
I still have a lot of items to check off of my bucket list and I hope I get to do some of them this year. Also, doing Project Life this year will hopefully teach me to cherish the everyday whether anything interesting happened or not. But then, with the right frame of mind, it doesn’t take much to make a day interesting.

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