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I love to discover new things and share what I learn with others. This page is actually a pet project of mine, a little dabbling in the art of web design. It's also a place for me to connect with people by sharing my little "Eureka!" moments and the sights I behold around me. Come hang out with me at my blog, peruse my gallery, or learn new tricks in my library. Don't forget to connect with me. I'm social, too!

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Back from Vacation, Into the Grind

2016-04-30 05:13:43

Just got back from a month-long vacation with family and I'm excited to get my hands dirty with paint and glue right away. I figured that a challenge or two could be just the thing to get my mojo back on.

Scrapping after a long break

2016-03-02 09:44:11

After a few months of radio silence, I've finally dived back into my scrapbook supplies. I thought I would start with a challenge.


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