The Family Edition

I was going through some old photographs from home and I chanced upon one of my dad’s sisters and my two cousins from way way back then.


I’m not too sure which year it was from but I’m guessing this was when my cousin Hendrik was still a baby or maybe a little over a year old.

Detail shots:

IMG_1664 IMG_1663

I’m still in the process of whittling down my scrap paper stash. I’ve been trying to make die cuts and “inchies” so I can use them up on pages. I’ve been using this formula:

scrap paper x paper punches + ink and stamps + glitter/ bling + floss/ trims = die cuts reinvented

The hard part is matching the colors together and hoping they will work with color palettes from future pages. Here’s me keeping my fingers crossed.

Guess Who’s Back? (And shinier than ever)

I know I have been a really bad blogger dropping this website off my list for over a year but a lot has happened since 2012 and this website has actually been one of the biggest things I have been planning for. I’m still working on the look and trying to learn a few simple tricks to bedazzle my page and will debut the new look soon enough. I’ve also made some preparations to link up this site to my soon-to-open shop over at etsy where everyone can browse my crafty goodies.

I’ve had to let go of a few things over the past year, however, as some of my favorite scrapbooking sites have closed up shop or have made some major changes that didn’t quite feel encouraging to me. But, I’ve found a new place to share my pages with fellow scrappers and I’m hoping I get to make some new friends there as well.

Lifewise, there have also been some rather big changes. We’ve left Texas and are now happily residing in the Seattle area and looooooving it!!! There is just so much to see and do that every free day I have is another opportunity for adventure. Being able to see Mt. Rainier during my morning commute from work to home never fails to end my day on a happy note. I’m still working as an RN but in a different specialty and so far, I’m enjoying  my new job and liking  my new co-workers. That’s not to say, though, that I will be completely letting go of my ties in Texas. I still keep in touch with my friends through facebook and by text.

I have lots of new goodies to post and many more exciting things in the works. For now, just bear with me while some of the links might not be working yet and the site might go under maintenance mode once in a while but  I promise you there will be lots of good things on the way.


Project ME

Finally bouncing back from vacation and jetlag and finished posting my vacation photos on facebook. Ordered some prints from snapfish and started planning for my vacation album. I had so much fun visiting my family back home and finally meeting my nephew who turns out to be one of the most adorable babies I have ever beheld. Jack (as we call him) is such a gem, always laughing and giggling, curious of everything, and VERY active. His older sister, Nicole, is growing up to be quite the tweener. Turns out she knows more about makeup than I do (she only wears makeup for school events, though) from watching youtube videos. She has recently started to become a voracious reader and has gotten on board the Harry Potter bandwagon. She remains as ever, though, the happy little girl I remember from my last visit. She still likes to ride the carousel, and isn’t above acting the role of the overgrown baby every now and then.

I needed to get back on my scrappy li’l feet so I picked up where I left off with my Project Me album. Finished 2 pages in 24 hours, on top of shaking off the tail end of my jetlag, and quite possibly a bug that is now officially making the rounds between me, my husband, and my father-in-law. Thankfully, by now, all three of us have started recovering. Hopefully, I will be back in tip-top shape by next week when I have to get back to the daily grind.

I used mostly papers from my scrap stash and KandCo papers. I’m trying to use up the stacks of them before I go splurge beyond my monthly kit. My mom was kind enough to raid the family albums for me and sent me home with a manila envelope full of photos and some memorabilia. Anyway, gonna go make some more pages. TTFN!!!

CSI case #41

Counting down to vacationtime!!! I thought I would do a post before I go off the grid for a while. I won’t be able to bring all my scrappy goodies with me while I’m on vacation so possibly, I might not get to post anything until I get back. Anyway, I made this page as part of my ME album which is a work in progress. I used the prompts from CSI’s case #41.

I made a tassel to use as a pull tag for my not so hidden journaling using some baker’s twine. The pink ruffle is from washi tape. I combined some patterned papers from Scrapcake, Pion Designs, and K and Co.