The Search for Breakfast (CSI 148)

We’ve lived here in Seattle for almost a year now and we are still trying to find our favorite breakfast place. The problem with having so many kinds of good food choices is that we end up liking different dishes served in different places. We are yet to find the one place where we all like something from the same menu. That’s ok, though, because we enjoy the continuing search. If it means trying all sorts of food and discovering new dishes then I, for one, look forward to the adventure.

It’s one thing I miss about being in San Antonio. We’ve lived there long enough to be familiar with the food and the best places to get the fix for anything we crave for the day. I miss the anticipation of clocking out from work and looking forward to yummy bagels, tacos, or omelettes. I miss The Egg and I most of all. I miss digging into their greek omelet with the artichoke hearts and the sun dried tomatoes. For now, I’ll just have to be content with sit down breakfasts at home. At least there’s an Einstein Bros. close by. What’s important is the time I spend with my family, sitting down and enjoying our moment together before I go to bed for the day.

This layout is based on prompts from Color, Stories, Inspiration and I used sketch #422 from I rotated the sketch to the right to better accommodate my 2 4×6 photos since it looked like the sketch is more for an 8×8 page with one 4×6 photo in it.


The teacup accents are actually banner pieces from an outer space/ alien themed kit I was using for making pages about my nephew. I heat embossed them with white embossing powder and was pleasantly surprised about the “ceramic” effect it produced. They look almost like real ceramic cups (except the handles are reshaped paperclips. The yellow sticker in the right upper corner actually has an image of a chicken (or turkey… i think) and placing the teacup accent over just the right spot covered up the drawing AND was just the right place to make it look like there was “steam” coming out. I also ground up some watercolors and watered it down to give me some wet media to create the border around the page. I finished the page off with some embroidery floss stapled to create a border around the photo as well.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! My Etsy shop is finally open. So far, I only have a few pieces of earrings on sale but I will be posting more items such as bead jewelry bracelets and some necklaces as well. I’ll also accept special orders if you message me soon enough. I do have a full time job so it might take me a week or so to plan, purchase materials, and make the piece you request but I will give it priority on days (or nights) that I’m not at work.

My etsy shop name: glittergluepaperart. If you’re still stumped as to what to gift someone for the holidays, come check out my shop. You just might find that special something.

Of TV Shows, Scrapbook Challenges, and Research Projects

CSI seems to be a pretty popular acronym lately. And although I haven’t followed the show itself lately, I still would stop channel surfing and finish any episode I run into. It also is an acronym for one of my favorite scrapbook challenge websites. I love how they put out clues and challenge you to work within a prescribed color palette and give you cues and inspiration.

I kind of dropped off their radar for a while after I started traveling and have just recently rekindled my love affair with their challenges. This one:


I made it for this challenge. These frogs were so fascinating. They’re like pokemons to me now and I just have to catch them all. So as soon as the weather warms up, I might take the ferry over to Bainbridge with my bike hitched to my beloved cruiser and go hunting for froggy statues. Oh and did I mention, they have a Mochi Festival? Oh yes, they do!

Also I made this:


It’s for this challenge. It was the first time we met the Jackster. He was only a few months old then. Now he’s about 2 years old and tall as a bean pole, just like his big sister, and every bit the adorably naughty little boy. I predict he will be quite the hear breaker when he grows up so watch out, girls!!!

Finally, CSI also stands for Clinical Scene Investigators. It’s a research initiative by AACN. They have 7 teams/ grants in Seattle and our hospital bagged two of the spots, and guess who is on one of the teams! I’m actually excited to be part of the 16 month project. Although it means more tasks and to-do entries in my trusty “right lobe”, I’m eager to take on the task. Not only that, the whole process will hopefully re-sharpen my research project-making skills. The last time I have had to do one was probably my senior year in Nursing School a looooong time ago and I need to brush up on it since I’ve been thinking about going back to school more seriously lately. Still not quite decided on which path to take but at least I have made up my mind about taking one. That’s a start, right?

Seeing Double

I don’t do double pages very often but I wanted to scrap these photos as a group and 4 4×6 photos don’t leave you much space for anything else on a 12×12 page. I wanted to use up some of my 3×4 cards from project life and some journaling cards that came with one of my monthly kit subscriptions. Some of the cards were actually summer-themed but the colors coordinated with the rest of the page.

IMG_2006 IMG_2005

These were actually taken separately on different days and seasons, but they still work together. Now, if only people were as easily grouped together as a box of photos… But I digress.

Anyway, looking at these photos made me realize I need a better camera. I still love my point-and-shoot digi one but I can’t really get details as nicely. I’m still holding out hope that I’ve been nice enough this year to get gifted with one (wink, wink!). In the meantime, I should probably read up on photography and such. I need to get some film for my dad’s hipster (read: 80’s style) Canon A1. I’m also on the hunt for a flash attachment for it and have been warned that since it’s a very old model I might have some trouble. I’m not giving up hope, however.

And finally, show and tell:


I used the shelved side of the EZ view as a stand for the table top. There were two drawers that were the same size and I used those on each side of the work area, the smaller, skinnier drawer towards back, and the door to the shelf side I screwed on to the top of the two drawers on either side which are also screwed on to the work table for security. Otherwise, with my luck, it would probably end up falling on my head and crushing me under a heap of patterned papers and craft supplies. I chose to put up the glittery stuff, paints, and inks on the shelves around my work area so I can always see them and use them more often. The fabric mesh shelves are filled with scrapbook papers and embellishments grouped according to size (6×6 paper pads, medium flat embellishments, small and tiny embellishments, accents), my “to-scrap” photos are in a shoe box and semi-organized according to topic/ events (wedding, vacation, the kids, the cat, random shots, etc.).

I’ve taken on some extra responsibilities at work and ended up with a lot on my plate lately, so schedules are bit more structured. So far, my “right lobe”, aka my organizer, has been very helpful in keeping me on track with to-do lists and I have been getting more things done. It just feels like I’m always busy but being able to sit down and cross off a task on my list makes me feel so much better. It’s even helped me sleep better since I don’t have to continuously wake up and stress about having to remember things. I feel more calm when I lay my head down knowing important things are written down in one place and I don’t have to try too hard to remember them at random points throughout the day. Added bonus: me more focused at work and way less irritable and burnt out. Win win!

I worked this Thanksgiving so turkey day at the Chapman household has been conveniently rescheduled to friday for my sake (awwwww). My FIL has graciously offered to take care of the food arrangements so I won’t be cooking. Expect photos.

Have a happy holiday weekend!!!

Bunnies and a New Cabinet

Snips, snails, puppy dog tails. They don’t sound very appealing if you take them literally but they do make for cute, adorable little boys. Case in point:


I am earnestly trying to dig into my Bo Bunny embellishments. Unfortunately, most of their collections are more romantically themed and more geared towards an artsy style with distressed looks and lots of floral notes and flourishes. It’s a bit difficult to pair it with my other supplies since they have more dynamic and geometric patterns. The colors are brighter and more solid. I still love to use them though, because they’re perfect for heritage photos and shots like this that are a bit more formal.


I was finally able to (kind of) get rid of my EZ view. I found a Brimnes wardrobe at Ikea and hacked it to turn into a “craft cabinet”. The result: a less visible mess and I was able to stash my supplies according to hobbies (sewing, crochet and knitting, polymer clay and bead jewelry, cards, and of course, scrapbooking. It’s still a bit of a work in progress since I’m trying to figure out how to make often-used items more accessible.

Some gratuitous sneaks:


That’s the shelved side of the cabinet. Mostly supplies for non-scrapbook hobbies. The best part is yet to come.

Quite the Pretty Mess

I am by no means a Picasso, a Monet, or a Degas but I do love playing with paint. I love how it never exactly does what you want it to do. I love how the splatters fall randomly on a page, how paint looks different as it dries on your page, and that you never get the same results twice. It’s like taking a leap of faith and trusting the results to be beautiful. I think I’m beginning to understand how painters can be so inspired and beguiled by it. Most of all, I love the vibrancy of the colors. The bright hues make me smile and feel happy inside. I guess that’s why art can be therapeutic.

I had a little therapy of my own using the Sunday Sketch this week from Studio Calico and using the Technique Challenge from Scrapbook Circle. I used Gelatos and some acrylic paint to provide some layer of color and detail on my background paper.


The yellow frame around the matted photos is acrylic paint on wet brush. The red splatters are from Gelatos I diluted with water and dropped onto the page with a water brush.


I’m using some sort of formula to build myself a kit every few pages or so to help me use up my supplies. I will be featuring it on the next post. It’s been helping me so far in keeping my area organized and free from clutter (close to it, anyway). Since as you can see from the page I do have a lot of hobbies. When you work nights and you’re awake in the middle of the night on your off days, there’s only so many things you can do outside the house, especially at 3AM. I’m lucky my local grocery store is open 24 hours so I get to do the groceries at ungodly hours. I’m actually getting very acquainted with the night stockers in my grocery store. Plus I enjoy not having to weave around fellow shoppers when trying to get to an item on a shelf, or having to stand awkwardly behind people while I wait for them to finish browsing the aisle or shelf I’m trying to get through and not feel like I’m being rude and rushing them or something.

I’ve been subscribing to Scrapbook Circle’s and Studio Calico’s monthly kits and so far I’ve only gotten a couple from either one (I started in September). I love their kits and getting just controlled amounts of embellishments so I don’t end up hoarding too much supplies. Back in San Antonio I had the luxury of having all my supplies in our bedroom which doubles as my craft room on my nights off. Since we’ve moved to Seattle I have had to do with just my designated spot in the living/ dining area. It works but I still feel like it’s a bit cluttery and kind of an eyesore sometimes. I’m still hoping to buy a cabinet I can use as both storage and work area, kinda like a more streamlined Scrapbox. There’s a particular cabinet I have my eye on from Ikea. I’m thinking maybe I can let go of my craft table and change into that one by next year.

Anyone up for taking this EZ view desk and a matching hutch off my hands feel free to let me know and come over and pick it up. I’m practically giving it away (literally, really).

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