TCR Palette #98, Frosted Design Sketch… and a sneak peek!!!

I’ve been really busy at work lately and would end up too tired to do anything on my days off so I haven’t been up to posting anything for over a week. Also, I’m all excited about my new nephew (still “under construction”) who will be arriving into the world soon. I’m making a little present for my sister-in-law with my sewing machine. Here’s a quick peek

It’s not all finished yet and I still have some supplies I need to get. I can’t show you what it is since she might be reading this post and I want it to be a bit of a surprise (or whatever I can get away with). I’ll put up more pics as soon as it’s done.

TCR released their palette #98 and I love the colors. I’m not usually a purple person and I tend to lean towards the lilacs and pinks but I wanted to challenge myself this week to spark my mojo back up. I used a Frosted Design sketch and also played with their Fabulous Friday theme: brads.

I used some Bazzill Basics Paper and used up some of my old paper stash. The brads were originally metallic and I didn’t have colored brads small enough to match my banner so guess what I did! I used a Wite Out pen to “paint” them white. When I was done I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the strip of PP I used matched the upholstery of the couch in the photo. Funny how things seem to fall together.

Hopefully, I get to wake up early enough in the afternoon later on to go check out the rodeo which is in town. So excited to check out the carnival. I’m gonna even go get my father-in-law a stetson for when he gets here. Will be taking lots of pictures, hopefully I don’t forget my camera. TTFN!

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