Putting the Scrap Back in Scrapbooking

One concept common in scrapbooking is the use of scraps to augment supplies in creating a page or to add just that special something to make a documented moment even more precious. This is why many of us scrappers collect and retain scraps of pretty paper left over from previous projects. Plus, there seems to be some feeling of aversion tantamount to throwing away perfectly edible leftovers that we relate to throwing away perfectly usable scraps of paper or less often used craft supplies that don’t make it into that special page.

In my case, throughout the years, I have collected quite a pile of scrap papers left over from past pages that I can’t quite get a handle on. I tried to make paper embellishments but once I started to use them on a page, the color patterns and palettes end up clashing and made my pages feel disjointed. I still, however, would like to find ways to use up and showcase my leftover pretty papers.

Enter the page starters. I discovered this idea while exploring one of my favorite scrapbooking blogs: shimelle.com. She throws together left over scrap papers in coordinating patterns to serve as starting blocks for her pages. I decided to give the concept a try. At first I copied off some of her page starters (you can find the series of posts here). Next thing I knew, I was finishing off my fourth page of the evening and still had plenty of time to spend on knitting and many other endeavors. I also succeeded in making a sizable dent in my scrap paper pile as well as my stash of PL cards, cut apart sheets, and paper embellishments.

I’ve also been going through my old scrapbooking magazines. I still love the ideas and techniques I see in them but after a while I feel the need to try new things not found in my magazines. Unfortunately, both of the magazines I used to subscribe in have stopped publishing and I haven’t found another scrapbooking magazine series that interested me as much as they did. There are a couple published in the UK and Australia but I can’t find them in bookstores as easily. If anybody out there knows any scrapbooking magazines I can possibly subscribe to, give me a shout out and I will forever be grateful.

Smile!!! There’s Silhouette-made goodies!

I used this sketch from Scrapbook Circle’s June Sketch Challenge. These photos were actually 4×6. I cropped them to 3×4 to follow the sketch.



I’ve been using my Silhouette a lot lately, making boxes and containers with ┬ámy paper stash. Here’s a peek at how I’ve organized my crafting area so far.



I also purchased a drawer system from Michael’s to help decongest the my Ikea hacked craft cabinet (formerly the Brimnes). I had to finally throw away my EZ view desk since it was starting to get scuffed and worn out from moving from one state to another and we did not have enough space in our smaller place. Having my craft supplies out in the open made the living room area feel cluttered no matter how I tried to organize them. It was quite the decision to finally get rid of it. For one thing, it had some sentimental value to me since I won it in an online raffle from Scrapbooks Etc. a few years back. That was one of the reasons my husband did not want to just throw it away. As a form of compromise, we finally decided to find a way to incorporate some of the parts from the desk into the Brimnes wardrobe. I used the drawers as shelving to store small items. I fitted one of the bottom portions of the EZ view desk to the bottom of the L side of the wardrobe to support one of its shelves and serve as a table. A pair of the old EZ view drawers were tacked on to each side of the work area to support a makeshift shelf from one of the EZ view bottom shelves. Everything was screwed on tight to make sure nothing topples over and I don’t end up buried by scrapbook supplies. I also put up a pair of boards from Michael’s on the doors to hang items.

So far, It has worked to keep my supplies sorted out and organized according to different hobbies. It also keeps my things out of sight so in the event we have visitors over. Also, discovering the many things I can make with my Silhouette has me dreaming up more new ideas. Let’s see where it takes us.

Hello, Baby

I was finally able to scrap this photo of my nephew when he was still a baby. It’s hard to believe he is now three and tall as a reed, just like his big sister.


I used this sketch from SIT and did the June SOS challenge. The left side looked a bit empty since the photo is in portrait so I used some paper strips vertically to tie the photo closer to the page edge.

I also used the Scrap Our Stash prompt for June






Mood Swings

I guess, making up for missing a few posts, here’s another one. It’s also a part of the multi-page series I’m working on at the moment.


I used the sketch from Scrapbook Circle. I used my Silhouette machine to cut a bunch of shapes from paper scraps and used them on the page (camera, label, hearts, frame). I used wooden alphabets and inked chipboard letters for the title. To make my multi-page series look cohesive in the album, I organized a “kit” of patterned papers and cardstock that I will be using throughout the series using this formula I learned from a Two Peas class (hitch hiker’s guide by Shimelle Laine): small print, bold print, grid/ line, cut-apart sheet. I then mixed in some 8×8 sheets from an Amy Tangerine collection and picked up some embellishments from my stash or made die-cuts with punches and my Silhouette machine along the way. I would then finish off pages with a smattering of gems, some ink splatters, or both.

I still think I have a lot more to learn especially in mixing patterns and layering paper and embellishments. I would like to make more use of my stamps and items such as rub-ons to add some depth to my layers. If any of you know a good class, I’m thankful for the share.

A Little Something Extra

Die cuts are a great way to spruce up a page, and so is heat embossing. But what happens when you mix the two together?


I used a sketch from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook Class for the title page of a multi-page series. On the sketch, there is an area right below the photograph indicating a series of squares that run across the page. Instead of using squares, I used die-cut hearts. The cut-outs were heat embossed with silver embossing powder and placed back on the “negative” to create this precious strip adding some shine to the page.


This would be my first post after a while although I have been making pages and mini albums the past few weeks. I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like since I had been preparing for a Nursing conference out of town. I’ve also been hiking almost weekly since a friend of mine has introduced me to it last month. I’ve rekindled my love for the outdoors and my appreciation of the peace I find when I’m immersed in nature’s beauty.

I’ve also started to collect hiking and camping gear and I’m hoping to go on at least a couple of camping trips this summer. Do expect to see pictures of the great outdoors in the not so distant future.

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